Jennifer Mercier, LMT, MS, PHD is the founder of Mercier Therapy.  Jennifer is a holistic fertility specialist who has been working within the field of reproductive medicine since 1996.

Dr.  Mercier is a pioneer in women's health. Since 1999, Jenny has developed a strong interest in focusing on helping women with infertility.  Mercier herself has had some reproductive health challenges that includes a diagnosis of stage 4 endometriosis at age 26. During her undergrad in 1993, she worked as a fertility clinician for Chicago's largest Reproductive Endocrinology practice, The Center for Human Reproduction headed by Norbert Gleicher, MD.  It was at that point that her knowledge of medically assisted cycles came about. In 2005, Mercier Therapy was born and in 2010 Mercier released her first published book, Women's Optimal Pelvic Health with Mercier Therapy.

In 2009, at age 35 and after being told that she'd need IVF to conceive, Jennifer became pregnant for the first time in her life but only after a group of her professional students worked on her using Mercier Therapy. Shocked and amazed, her passion for her work was deepened.  Many women have conceived and delivered healthy babies as result of the Mercier Protocol. FERTILITY, the documentary film explaining the successes of Mercier -  is expected to be released in early 2014.