Visceral Manipulation is a therapeutic approach to relieving abnormal tissue tensions of and around your organs thereby promoting and improving organ function.  The basic philosophy of Visceral Manipulation is that an organ in good health has good movement.

If a tissue becomes fixed or adhered, it will become a point of chronic irritation.  Other tissues will pivot around that point in an effort to adapt to it.  Their function will become adhered as well.  Altered motion creates organ dysfunction.  Adhesions can form between organs and the surrounding tissues which also attach to your bones.  A long -standing adhesion can cause a chronic tension on the spine creating back pain, shoulder pain and/or neck tension.

The therapist will perform Visceral Manipulation by listening to your organ function, heat, movement and lack of movement with a trained hand and thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  Additionally, the therapist listens for abnormal tissue tone and lines of tension, following these influences throughout your body.  Specifically applied maneuvers forces these tensions to release.  By encouraging normal organ function through the restoration of proper motion, organ function is enhanced and the body can regain optimal health.

You can expect to feel an increased awareness of an existing area of discomfort that you already have.  Sometimes symptoms are recreated before they go away. Many times Visceral Manipulation is only experienced as an improvement in body function and a feeling of well being.

Mercier Therapy's Visceral Manipulation Program seeks to provide relief of symptoms caused by:


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Fertility Challenges
Scar Tissue from pelvic surgery
Recovery from c-section
Persistent Pelvic Pain
Painful Intercourse
Sexual Trauma
Birth trauma




A 90-120 minute consultation is necessary prior to beginning treatment that will include a comprehensive health history, treatment objectives/goal outline and evaluation of pelvis mobility and position of organs.  We will explore the whole "you" suggesting modalities individual to you to ensure optimum health and well being.  The consultation fee is $200.00.   

The Program Protocol for the Visceral Manipulation Program is a minimum of 6 hours of treatment for optimal restoration and function.
One hour a week for 6 weeks - $125.00 per session



Meredith Martin and Essential Bodywork are not a provider of any insurance company.
Some insurance companies may reimburse you for the cost of this program.
There are no guarantees of pelvic healing or pregnancy.