Massage Therapy customized to your individual needs. Each and every body is different and requires different therapies to help facilitate healing and deep relaxation. Various modalities are utilized to relieve tension, occupational, recreational and habitual holding patterns.  Heat, essential oils or herbal topicals may be used to promote healing of tissues and heighten relaxation during the course of the session. 


How wonderful for the baby and mother-to-be!  This therapeutic massage relieves stress on weight-bearingjoints, reduces swelling and helps relieve some of the discomforts experienced as the body changes preparing for childbirth.

 Therapy sessions are conducted on an                      Amethyst Biomat.                               

Welcoming new clients in 2019 ! 

One Hour: $85    One Hour and a Half: $125

Prices are subject to change without notice


Therapeutic massage is the scientific, systematic manipulation of the body's soft tissue for beneficial results. Accumulated stress takes its toll on your good health and massage is preventative maintenance for your body. Massage facilitates the body's own healing processes by releasing tension and restoring balance. Therapeutic Massage is an excellent way to establish and maintain good physical condition and health.

Benefits Include:

Stress Reductions
Pain Management
Greater Joint Flexibility & Range of Motion
Better Circulation
Normalizing & Improving Muscle Tone
Feeling of well-being
Relief from muscle tension
Immune System Support
Mental & Emotional Health
Health Maintenance
Increased awareness of the body, mind and spirit connection


Following the completion of a medical intake and informed release form, we will discuss how you are feeling and what the present state your physical being is in.  Questions and concerns will be addressed and what the best course of application and action is.  
Communication is paramount to achieve the best results and experience possible.

Your session occurs in a warm, comfortable and professional treatment room.  
A variety of massage techniques will be used to restore your muscles and mind their optimal state of being.

Your massage will involve oils and/or lotions.  Please let the therapist know of any allergies and/or scent preferences/aversions.  All sessions include an aromatherapeutic element as well as a heat application (unless otherwise specified) to increase the effectiveness and enjoyment of your session.

Massage is best given without the barriers of restrictive clothing and jewelry.  Privacy and personal boundaries are respected at all times.



Please silence cellphone/pagers.


Payment is expected when services are rendered.  Cash and Checks are accepted, sorry no credit cards.

Cancellation Policy:

Essential Bodywork is by appointment only; your session is reserved exclusively for you. Our cancellation policy is a 24 hour notice. Kindly inform us if you must reschedule or cancel an appointment within this time frame or a 100% session fee will incur. This policy applies to gift certificates as well.  Illness, emergency or inclement weather are exceptions.